Have a look at biolitec®‘s trendsetting laser systems for minimally invasive organ- as well as function-preserving treatment of benign thyroid noduls.

During the laser thermal ablation, similar to a biopsy with ultrasound monitoring, the special ThyLA fiber is introduced into the thyroid nodule to coagulate the nodular tissue through selective radiation. The method is the so-called “multiple overlapping shot technique” (moving shot technique) ‒ to enable a homogeneous and controlled penetration depth and, at the same time, an excellent ultrasound view: The ThyLA fiber is replaced intranodally after each pulse. Thus, multiple coagulative necroses are placed, and the entire nodule is treated.

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  • High effectiveness, reduction of the nodule volume by about 50 % after three months
  • Outpatient treatment
  • Protection and preservation of healthy thyroid tissue
  • Good cosmetic results
  • Easy to control penetration depth
  • Treatment can be repeated as needed
  • Suitable for risk patients



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